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Research and Innovation Report 2019
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From the Vice President for Research

The performance of the research and innovation enterprise of the University of Houston continues to impress the nation. With an increase of more than 10% in research expenditure in the past year, reaching $195 million, UH broke records including its own. With the capabilities and talent of our faculty, with the support of our inspiring and ambitious chancellor, with the rigor of our provost, and with the reenergized and restructured Division of Research, there is no doubt that our march of excellence will continue apace.

But we are just warming up. We are building four world-class research institutes based on the recent magnificent anonymous ASPIRE gift of $50 million. We have just started the second year of the Chancellor-launched campaign of 50-in-5, and this year we welcome our first class of College of Medicine students. All of these three transformative advances will further propel the expansion of the research enterprise.

The $50 million ASPIRE gift is being used to launch research institutes in global engagement, smart cities, sustainable energy and health innovations; all of which are integrative institutes that address global challenges. The goal of the 50-in-5 campaign is to increase all UH intellectual output by 50% in five years; from scientific research to art performances to national awards. Colleges have defined their metrics and are diligently working on the annual and final targets. The College of Medicine, while focused on primary care physician education, will provide local, regional and national health challenges and facilitate the application of our science and engineering expertise to address these challenges.

Research at the University of Houston is now nationally and globally prominent. The data presented in this annual research report is the testament of our march of excellence and preeminence.

Amr Elnashai, FREng
Vice President for Research

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Research by The Numbers


Research Expenditures


Total Funds


Proposals Submitted


% Proposals Awarded


Total Projected
Award Amount


Number of Awards

Expenditures Chart


Although research expenditures have continued to rise at a consistent pace, UH experienced a jump in expenditures for fiscal year 2019. UH saw the rise in expenditures to an all-time high of $195 million, with 67 percent of those expenditures from federal sources.

Proposal Chart


UH’s proposal activity remains relatively consistent, though more funds were requested through a fewer number of proposals overall. In FY19, UH researchers submitted more major and mid-range ($250,000-$990,000) grant proposals and less small grant proposals, denoting a shift in focus to larger grant opportunities.

Awards Chart

Major Awards

UH’s overall projected new award amount for FY19 remained consistent with previous years, though UH faculty received more funding for major awards than ever before. In FY19, more than $66 million was received for new awards in the $1 million-plus category.

Innovation by The Numbers


Licensing Income






World Rank in U.S.
Utility Patents

Licensing Income Chart

Licensing Income

UH licensing income has risen dramatically over the last decade, hitting another all-time high of $65.7 million for FY19. The increase is nearly a 1400 percent jump from FY10.

Patents Chart


While UH faculty continue to disclose a consistent number of inventions each year, patented technologies are on the rise. The number of patents awarded has increased by 100 percent since FY11.


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