Lady Doing Mindfulness Practice

Using Qigong to Improve Quality of Life in Caregivers

An Eastern meditative practice is putting a new population at ease in Houston. Caregivers of Houstonians with cancer often do not seek help, even though they may experience the same levels of stress as the cancer patients themselves. Research indicates that...

Doctor and Patient.

Assessing the Effects of COVID-19 in Pediatric Care Facilities

Before the COVID-19 pandemic started, the chief of critical care at Texas Children’s Hospital reached out to the University of Houston to conduct a “needs assessment” for Baylor College of Medicine faculty who are staffed in...

Stop Sign in Flooded Waters

Surveying Residents in Perceived Versus Actual Flood Risk Areas

Flood mitigation and ongoing severe storm recovery in Houston takes its toll on communities throughout the region, especially those that are historically neglected. Understanding how individuals and communities cope with natural disasters and perceive risks can help shape important decisions made by government.

Researchers Looking for Oysters

Determining the Microplastics Ingested by Oysters in Galveston

Do you want plastic with your oysters? Oysters are a filter organism – that means the water in Galveston runs through these small creatures. An oyster can filter about 30 gallons of water a day. Marc Hanke, marine biology professor at UH, and his students have been measuring the amount of microplastics present in the oysters that are harvested in Galveston Bay.

Leaky Faucet

Determining the Effect of Wild Hogs on the Oyster Population

Wild hogs are an invasive species in Galveston Bay and they do over a million dollars’ worth of damage each year. Some of their behaviors are affecting a very different population in Galveston – the dwindling but crucial population of oysters.

Columbia Tap Trail.

Engaging with the Columbia Tap Trail in Houston’s Third Ward

The Columbia Tap Hike and Bike Trail is four-mile path through the middle of Third Ward. Once a railway, the trail provides a path for many Houstonians to hike, bike and walk, which is important to many community members who may not have access to transportation. But the trail needs...

Landfill Site.

Turning a Landfill into a Town Center

What does Houston do with a defunct landfill that is a flood risk for the Beltway 8 and 1-69 intersection? Bruce Race, a UH architecture professor, wants to position a detention pond and community there. In doing so...

Shelter in Place Exhibit

Photographing and Healing the Community

Shelter in Place is a series of portraits of Houstonians that culminated in a sculptural installation — a simple house-structure in the Silos at Sawyer Yard in Houston sheathed on both the interior and exterior with 540 portraits. The project began soon after Hurricane Harvey and...

Leaky Faucet

Conserving Water to Combat Subsidence

Houston Public Works, the Harris-Galveston Subsidence District, and civil engineering researchers from the University of Houston – Devin Shaffer and his student Dana Reed – studied the use of drinking water, on a land-use basis, for an area of northwest Houston. The results...

Working With Elderly Who Have Memory Loss

“Story-Catching” to Improve Depression

Houston-area nursing home residents are often lonely and suffering from depression. Theresa Chrisman, began a project while pursuing her Ph.D. from the UH Graduate College of Social Work, to assist Houston-area nursing home residents in telling the story of their lives.

Houston From The Clouds

Envisioning an Ecologically-Minded Model in Architecture

Houston is known for being an oil town. But 50 years from now, will it still center on the petrochemical industry? Architecture professors Matt Johnson and Michael Kubo have set out to explore questions such as “what does it mean to design and build in the wake of an energy transition?” and “how do we rethink communities and landscapes that have been altered by industry?”

Moody Towers

Monitoring Ozone Formation and Matter Transport into the Houston Area

The high ozone level days that used to be seen in Houston in the late 90s and early 2000s are now “few and far between.” Regulations and policies that were implemented regarding certain types of emissions from industries in Houston’s Ship Channel have and continue to improve air quality in the city.

Nanotech Coating

Trapping the COVID Virus with Air Filter Coatings

While scientists across the globe rushed to contain the virus that causes COVID-19, a physicist at University of Houston began trapping virus particles with an inexpensive, hydrophobic coating on air filters – and cleaning recirculated air in Houston buildings.

Electric Car

Making Electric Mobility Accessible

Houston is synonymous with traffic. But the wave of the future is electric vehicles. It is not clear whether the U.S. will reach its ambitious goal of 50 percent of all new car sales consisting of electric vehicles by 2030. What is sure...


Discovering Disparities in Food Deserts

People living in Houston’s low-income, urban neighborhoods suffer higher rates of gastrointestinal illness, but the reasons behind this troubling disparity have been difficult to pinpoint. Food safety researchers at the University of Houston are shedding light on...

C-BAND Precipitation Radar

Predicting the Severity of Thunderstorms

A team of atmospheric scientists from around the nation is working in Houston to understand if tiny specks of soot, dust, smoke and other particles suspended in Earth’s atmosphere impact the severity of thunderstorms....

A red laser beam focused on a reflective surface. The beam is photographed passing though some haze.

Boosting the Economy Through UH Technology

A coveted technology, while attractive to established defense companies like Rockwell in Thousand Oaks, California, and others around the country, made its home in Sugar Land, putting millions into the greater Houston economy. This was thanks to a...

Modern and Young Muslim Woman is Thoughtfully Standing Near the Window in the Domestic Room.
                                 Arabian Ethnicity woman is covered with a Traditional Scarf and Looking Through the Window Glass.

Examining Health Disparities in the Syrian Refugee Community

Children are told they can’t swim in a pool in an apartment complex in southwest Houston, because they are deemed “dirty” by their neighbors. A mother of many children dies from...

Front facing photo of the Thomas Street health center building

Improving Memory in Houstonians with HIV Disease

The Thomas Street Health Center, an orange brick, three-story converted railroad hospital in the Houston’s Near Northside neighborhood is a haven for Houstonians living with HIV disease. UH professor...

Tired exhausted nurse sits on hospital floor.

Studying COVID-19 Response on Nurses’ Well-Being and Work Outcomes

COVID-19 has affected the entire world since its discovery in 2019, but how has the virus impacted those closest to it every day? Nurses have been...

A business owners sits at a computer and conducts a financial review.

Finding Financial Strategies for Small Businesses Affected By Hurricanes

Hurricane Harvey cost more in damages than any other natural disaster in U.S. history besides Hurricane Katrina. The August 2017 storm resulted in $125 billion...

UH nursing leadership discusses palliative care mannequins.

Coaching Nurses in Palliative Care

Meet Julia. She is a simulation mannequin in the UH College of Nursing who “passes away” and teaches soon-to-be nurses how to deal...

Concept of a mobile COVID-19 tracking app.

Predicting the Spread of COVID-19

When disasters hit Houston, city leaders have to decide where to send resources to serve the hardest-hit and most vulnerable in our population. In a...

Close-up of smiling senior on a video call.

Recording Life Stories for Posterity and to Treat Depression

Life Review is the name given to taking a specific kind of personal history of the life lead by adults with mild dementia and others...

Traffic at a flooded street.

Measuring Rainfall in Houston

Sixty-three rain gauges collected precipitation for 30 years around Harris County. The research did not paint a positive picture for the city of Houston. We...

IT engineer in data center.

Securing Houston from Cyber Attacks

Cybersecurity touches nearly every aspect of our lives as Houstonians – we are home to one of the largest ship channels, medical centers and industry hubs...

Electric vehicles.

Improving Air Quality with Electric Vehicles

There are many days in Houston when the air quality negatively affects those with asthma and other respiratory problems. These Asthma Air Awareness Days are issued when...

High-voltage wires and poles are covered with frost on a frosty winter day.

Understanding the ERCOT Grid Failure

Winter Storm Uri caused chaos all over the state of Texas. Houston, and its surrounding cities, saw the worst of it. Hundreds of people lost their lives...

The Daily Cougar front cover depicting a campus political demonstration.

Documenting Houston’s Civil Rights Past

When we think about the Black Power and Arts Movement in America, we think of cities such as Oakland, New York and Chicago. We rarely think of Houston. But a UH...

A paramedic attends to an elderly man.

Supporting Houston’s First Responders

They are the first people on calls for fires, car accidents, domestic violence situations and other traumatic events. But who are the first responders in Houston...

Matt Manalo, I Forget Forgetting My Skin Is A Ruin, 2019.

Healing Through Art During the Pandemic

As a society, and especially as Houstonians, we have experienced a collective trauma in the form of a pandemic – not to mention winter storm Uri, Hurricane Harvey and social unrest...

Map of Buffalo Bayou in Houston, TX

Understanding How Sediment Impacts Urban Streams

Houston has a problem: flooding is unavoidable for a city essentially built on a floodplain, but proposals to mitigate the flooding may not be realistic...

Stepping Up to Reduce Justice System Involvement for Individuals with Mental Illness

Individuals with mental illness in counties across the U.S. often find themselves in situations or conflicts that land them in jail. Fort Bend County, Texas...

Young girl reading.

Understanding Mental Health Stigma in the Jewish Community

Different cultures view mental health issues differently. In the Middle East, mental health is often seen through a religious lens. Some Chinese and Latino communities associate mental...

White pills are scattered near the upside down jar on a blue background.

Educating About Prescription Drug Misuse in Harris County

Opioid addiction is a terrible crisis in our country today – one that the Prescription Drug Misuse Education and Research (PREMIER) Center at University of Houston...

University of Houston’s Supply Chain & Logistic Technology Program.

Promoting Supply Chain & Logistics to Drive Workforce Development

Everything you buy – your glasses, your favorite chair, your cereal – was delivered to you via Supply Chain & Logistics Technology. In Houston, that industry employs millions...

Woman walking in nature park.

Investigating Racism and Stroke Recovery

Determining whether Black stroke survivors in Houston have access to adequate income, a safe neighborhood to walk in and exercise, and health insurance...

Oyster shells on the shore

Repurposing Oyster Shells for Juvenile Oyster Habitats

If you ever order oysters while on a trip to Galveston, you may be interested to know that the discarded shells are repurposed...

Ezemenari Obasi

Combating Vaccine Hesitancy in Houston, by Listening

Less than 10% of Black adults in Houston have elected to take the COVID-19 vaccine, and Black and Latinx adults are disproportionately represented...

Underneath Highway Overpasses in Buffalo Bayou Park, with a View of Downtown Houston.

Building Better Roads in Houston

A promenade down any Houston road will show you buildings in development, sidewalk cracks and pavement breakage. It’s so common here because Houston ranks among...

UH Professor Shishir Shah.

Facilitating Safety in the City

Public safety video systems help the City of Houston respond to emergency events and monitor critical infrastructure, such as the Port of Houston, the Texas Medical...

UH Professor Kerri Crawford.

Championing Plant Diversity

Protected grasslands contribute to the Houston-area's identity. Kerri Crawford, UH ecologist, studies plant diversity in the Texas grasslands. “Just as the...

White pills on black background.

Identifying Treatment Gaps for Patients with Opioid Use Disorder

To effectively treat Opioid Use Disorder, patients need to access multiple parts of the healthcare system to receive high quality care, that may...

Lonely senior woman at home alone sitting at a table.

Caregiving and Cultural Identity

Some Vietnamese who were young children in 1975 during the fall of Saigon are now middle-aged adults, living as refugees in Houston. These same adults are caring for elderly...

Close up of fungi.

Weathering the Weather

The difference between living in Houston and living in the Sahara is that you’ll at least experience cool nights in the Sahara. If you live in Houston...

A mother plays with her child.

Understanding Maternal Stress on Child Development

Ethically, one can hardly put pregnant women in distress on purpose. It took a natural disaster in Houston – Hurricane Harvey...

A red For Sale sign placed in front of a house.

Gauging the Houston Real Estate Market

The pandemic brought about a whirlwind of anxiety over Houston homeowners, which remains to this day. Of the top ten most populous cities in America...

UH Professor Hanadi Rafai and team on a boat analyzing samples.

Testing the Waters

Houston is no stranger to rising waters. Hurricane Harvey dropped nearly 50 inches of water on Houston over the course of just four days in 2017...

A warehouse garage in a brick building.

Highlighting the Effect of Chinese Tariffs on Houston

Workers at the Port of Houston have been laid off or let go in droves in the wake of the miasma of tariffs imposed on China...

Male doctor in surgical clothes looking at vertebral MRI scan.

Cutting Edge Developments in X-Ray and CT Scans

What if your doctor ordered a CT scan to check for osteomyelitis (bone infection) or cancer and the result was nebulous? A great deal of suffering could be avoided just by...

Water floods a road.

Decreasing the Damage from Subsidence

For over 100 years, the city of Houston and the surrounding metropolitan region have been impacted by subsidence or the sinking of the land...

A closed-down diner in the desert.

Revealing Research on Houston Restaurants

A mere minutes-long drive down a prominent Houston street will reveal at least one restaurant boarded up or advertising a property sale. One of the...

Lonely senior woman at home alone sitting at a table.

Addressing Social Needs of Older Adults During COVID-19

“How often do you feel lonely?” “Do you have challenges paying for your medication?” These are questions from a survey that was conducted with a grant...

Smiling children in the BOUNCE program.

BOUNCE Into Good Health

A “food desert” is an area with little or no access to produce and other healthy foods. Houston’s Third Ward, the neighborhood adjacent to University of Houston...

UH Professor Bill Gilmer gives a talk at UH Bauer College of Business.

Forecasting COVID’s Economic Impact on Houston

One of the things Houstonians may notice, from time to time, is low gas prices. Gas prices are often used to tell you...

Billowing clouds of smoke in the air.

Improving Air Quality

There are patterns in the way pollution affects our city. In Houston, emissions from the petrochemical refineries, power plants and transportation can be taken by wind...

A UH graduate photographed in a field with her family.

Highlighting Houston’s Hispanic Impact

Latino hands helped build Houston. Every local building, street, highway and bridge contain the fingerprints of Latino laborers. Yet, Houston Hispanics hold...

A worried construction worker.

Overcoming the Energy Crisis in Houston

A fog of uncertainty has fallen over Houston’s energy sector during the pandemic. Oil and gas workers are going home every day in Houston...

An architectural redndering.

Creating Community

Imagine a mixed-use community where all the neighborhood residents live, go to the library, work and receive health care, while utilizing public transportation, bicycle...

A distressed woman sits in the rubble of a broken building.

Talking About Trauma – Hurricane Harvey Archives

People look to historical events to make sense of the present, and to predict and prepare for the future. That’s what historians in the humanities...

Map of the great Galveston Bay watershed.

Studying Oysters to Determine Pollution

Robust biodiversity makes Galveston Bay a hub of marine industry including billion-dollar commercial fishing, recreational fishing and tourism businesses. Galveston Bay also provides...

Mangrove trees in a stream.

Mitigating Floods with Mangroves

Mangroves, a habitat consisting largely of shrubs and trees, are encroaching on Galveston Bay’s saltwater marshes. The marshes support wildlife, notably the endangered whooping crane...

A storefront with boarded windows.

Highlighting COVID’s Impact on Hispanic Entrepreneurs

COVID took a wrecking ball to a big part of the Houston economy: Hispanic entrepreneurs. With street after street of boarded up business and “for lease” sign...

A volunteer doctor examinines an adult woman in a free medical clinic.

Cultivating Trust in Houston Healthcare

With one of the nation’s biggest underprivileged areas, Houston’s economically disadvantaged residents harbor a deep mistrust of the healthcare system. UH's Community Health Workers Initiative...

Seniors participate in group exercise in the UH TOUCH program

Serving Houston's Underserved

In Third Ward and East End, Houston’s historically African American neighborhoods, the Treating Obesity in Underserved Communities in Houston (TOUCH) program lasted for three years...

Two silhouettes of men intersecting each other on a blue background.

Partnering to Treat Serious Mental Illness

Throughout Houston’s diversity communities, there are many people wandering the streets with serious mental illness. An overrepresentation of members of our community may be homeless, may not have access...

Refinery plant in West Texas.

Looking Objectively at Energy Solutions

The Texas grid outage of 2021 prompted many difficult questions. Why did Texas lose power, and why for so long? Were we not prepared? Were greedy market participants...

Oil industry night scene.

Mapping Regional Air Pollution

Ships idle, bringing manufactured goods to the cities via nearby highways and railroads. Refinery flares, distillation tower emissions, and the occasional warehouse or tank fire explosion...

Aerial photography view of Fred Hartman milky waters after Hurricane Harvey flood the city.

Simulating the Houston Ship Channel

For years, vessel traffic congestion at the Houston Ship Channel (HSC) has been serious local issue. The Sam Houston Ship Channel Bridge, also known as Beltway-8 bridge...

Digital molecular rendering.

Starting at the Molecular Level

Despite many pharmaceutical breakthroughs, we are still in need of medications that can curb addiction, and fight cancer, vascular disease and depression. There are many potential drugs...

Homeless needy homeless male smoking outdoors on urban street.

Taking Texas Tobacco Free

Smoking is the leading preventable cause of death and disability in the United States. The cigarettes of today are nothing like the products from the 1960s. Research shows...

A senior man sits alone on th edge of his bed.

Telephoning to Treat Depression in Residents of Long-Term Care Facilities

Elderly people who live in long-term care facilities are at a higher risk of depression and those who have mild dementia are more likely...