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woman engineer helping young female work on a project

Preparing Students for Careers as Engineers

At first, underserved students in area schools had a hard time drawing when Jerrod A. Henderson, Ph.D., asked them what an engineer looked like. Now, his research is showing that mentorship really does make a difference.

By Sarah F. Hill
The front of AOI Building

Boosting the Economy Through UH Technology

A coveted technology, a novel semiconductor laser that detects biochemical agents, makes its home in Sugar Land.

By Sarah F. Hill
frozen electric line

Understanding the ERCOT Grid Failure

Winter Storm Uri caused chaos all over the state of Texas. Houston, and its surrounding cities, saw the worst of it. Hundreds of people lost their lives...

By Cory Thaxton
Professor Margaret Kidd and students at Port Houston

Promoting Supply Chain & Logistics to Drive Workforce Development

Everything you buy – your glasses, your favorite chair, your cereal – was delivered to you via Supply Chain & Logistics Technology. In Houston, that industry employs millions to manufacture, source, procure, label and ship goods throughout the region.

By Sarah F. Hill
"For Sale" sign outside home.

Gauging the Houston Real Estate Market

The pandemic brought about a whirlwind of anxiety over Houston homeowners, which remains to this day. Of the top ten most populous cities in America, Houston boasts the most homeowners. Because of that, the city’s real estate market has felt the impact of COVID-19 more profoundly. 

By Rene Cantu†
Loading Dock Shut Down

Highlighting the Effect of Chinese Tariffs on Houston

Workers at the Port of Houston have been laid off or let go in droves in the wake of the miasma of tariffs imposed on China, a chief exporter of goods to the port. The Port of Houston is the seventh largest port in the United States.

By Rene Cantu†
Derlicht diner

Revealing Research on Houston Restaurants

A mere minutes-long drive down a prominent Houston street will reveal at least one restaurant boarded up or advertising a property sale. One of the top eating scenes in the nation, Houston was hit hard when the Texas economy shutdown to slow the spread of COVID-19, a devastation of the local food industry not seen since Hurricane Harvey ravaged the city.

By Rene Cantu†
Student in graduation regalia with parent in a crop field

Highlighting Houston’s Hispanic Impact

Latino hands helped build Houston. Every local building, street, highway and bridge contain the fingerprints of Latino laborers. Yet, Houston Hispanics hold the second highest prevalence of poverty.

By Rene Cantu†
Worker in high vis and hard hat disappointed, sitting with head in hands

Overcoming the Energy Crisis in Houston

A fog of uncertainty has fallen over Houston’s energy sector during the pandemic. Oil and gas workers are going home every day in Houston uncertain about their livelihoods. About the future of their industry, one that has been hobbled by coronavirus.

By Rene Cantu†
Business shuttered.

Highlighting COVID’s Impact on Hispanic Entrepreneurs

COVID took a wrecking ball to a big part of the Houston economy: Hispanic entrepreneurs. With street after street of boarded up business and “for lease” sign, the pandemic reminded the city just how much its economy is tied to Hispanic businesses. Hispanics make up 38% of small business owners in Houston. These numerous businesses employ thousands of people. And they’re still dazed from the blow of the pandemic.

By Rene Cantu†