Natural Disasters

Doctor Gino Lim doing math at whiteboard

Modeling Safer Hurricane Evacuations

Evacuating for a hurricane can be deadly as the storm itself. A UH professor is using math to make the process safer and more efficient.

By Sarah F. Hill
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Finding Financial Strategies for Small Businesses Affected By Hurricanes

Hurricane Harvey cost more in damages than any other natural disaster in U.S. history besides Hurricane Katrina. The August 2017 storm resulted in $125 billion...

By Cory Thaxton
A mother playing blocks with a baby.

Understanding Maternal Stress on Child Development

Mothers who reported higher stress related to Hurricane Harvey described their babies as more irritable than mothers with lower hurricane-related stress. A professor at UH is studying this phenomenon.

By Sarah F. Hill
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Talking About Trauma – Hurricane Harvey Archives

Historians in the humanities at the University of Houston are encouraging citizens to talk about trauma in the wake of Hurricane Harvey and other serious flooding in the region.

By Sarah F. Hill