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The University of Houston recognizes all researchers who have been issued a patent in 2021. Below are UH inventors who have received a U.S. or international patent for UH intellectual property.

Externally-Strain-Engineered Semiconductor Photonic and Electronic Devices and Assemblies and Methods of Making Thereof
Jae-Hyun Ryou, Mechanical Engineering
U.S. Patent: 10,897,120
Issued: 1/19/21

Aqueous energy storage devices with organic electrode materials
Yan Yao, Electrical & Computer Engineering
South Korea Patent: 10-2214862
Issued: 2/4/21

Synthesis of N-type thermoelectric materials, including Mg-Sn-Ge materials and methods for fabrication thereof
Zhifen Ren, Physics
U.S. Patent: 10,930,834
Issued: 2/23/21

Surfactant For Enhanced Oil Recovery
Zhifen Ren, Physics
U.S. Patent: 10,934,475
Issued: 3/2/21

Blue-emitting persistent phosphor compositions as diagnostic reporters
Jakoah Brgoch, Chemistry
U.S. Patent: 10,948,411
Issued: 3/16/21

Pyrophosphate Electrolyte Membranes with Superior Performances and Low Cost for Intermediate Temperature Fuel Cells at Large Scales
Amina Bose, Engineering Technology
U.S. Patent: 10,947,117
Issued: 3/16/21

Integrated Functional and Transcriptional/Proteomic Profiling of Particles
Navin Varadarajan, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Japan Patent: 6855382
Issued: 3/19/21

Nanoporous gold/silver nanoparticles and substrates for biomolecular sensing
Wei-Chuan Shih, Electrical & Computer Engineering
U.S. Patent: 10,961,564
Issued: 3/30/21

Weather-Resistant, Fungal-Resistant Coatings and Methods of Applying on Wood Materials
Seamus Curran, Physics
Japan Patent: 6872819
Issued: 4/22/21

Architectures enabling back contact bottom electrodes for semiconductor devices
Venkat Selvamanickam, Mechanical Engineering
U.S. Patent: 10,991,836
Issued: 4/27/21

Compositions and Methods for Inhibiting Protein Kinases
Gregory Cuny, Pharmacological & Pharmaceutical Sciences
Europe Patent: 3600307
Issued: 5/5/21

Quality Control of High Performance Superconductor Tapes
Venkat Selvamanickam, Mechanical Engineering
Europe Patent: 3507840
Issued: 5/26/21

A PZT based novel approach to eliminate rock bit stick-slip during drilling
Gangbing Song, Mechanical Engineering
U.S. Patent: 11,028,659
Issued: 6/8/21

Method and system to detect, diagnose, and correct impending abnormal situations for electrical submersible pumps
Michael Nikolau
U.S. Patent: 11,078,774
Issued: 8/3/21

Stretchable Fabric Based Electrode-Polymer Electrolyte Battery
Haleh Ardebili, Mechanical Engineering
U.S. Patent: 11,108,106
Issued: 8/31/21

Esculentin 1a and Derivatives Thereof for Treatment of Microbial Keratitis
Alison McDermott, Optometry
U.S. Patent: 11,110,195
Issued: 9/7/21

Model Based BOP Annular Health and Remaining Useful life Estimation
Matthew Franchek, Mechanical Engineering
U.S. Patent: 11,125,043
Issued: 9/21/21

Fabrication method and applications of multiple side-window, side-firing optical fiber
Wei-Chuan Shih, Electrical & Computer Engineering
U.S. Patent: 11,124,449
Issued: 9/21/21

Compositions and Methods for Inhibiting Protein Kinases
Greg Cuny, Pharmacological & Pharmaceutical Sciences
U.S. Patent: 11,135,209
Issued: 10/5/21

Low Frequency Seismic Acquisition Using A Counter Rotating Eccentric Mass Vibrator
Mark Meier, Physics
France, Norway and U.K. Patents: 3033638
Issued: 10/6/21

Zhifeng Ren