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Funny You Should Ask: It’s Not the Heat, It’s the Humidity

The Humid Condition

By Marty Melosi



It’s the Humidity, not the Heat.

You can hide from the sun in the shade.

Shiner beer or lemonade.
Jump in a pool.

A great big hat, a cotton shirt, cool sunglasses.
Indoors use a fan–or AC.

Humidity. Humility.

Outdoors and humidity don’t seem to mix.

Walk a block in the heat, but only a few steps in high

Wet is wet. Damp is damp. Moist is moist. Sweat is sweat.

No such thing as drip dry.

Mold and humidity—a lethal duo.

The tropics have their charms.
Pina coladas and coastal breezes clearly
are better than northern freezes.

What’s so bad about saunas and steam baths?

Try to keep curly hair curly in the baking sun.

Heat stroke, but no humidity stroke.

Skin cancer, but no humidity cancer.

And you can’t get a sunburn from humidity.

Melosi is Hugh Roy and Lillie Cranz Cullen University Professor and Director of the Center for Public History at UH. Occasionally, he finds himself overcome with the poetic impulse.

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About Eric Gerber

As a former newspaper guy, I made a living out of asking serious questions. As the University’s communications director, I have to come up with serious answers. But, from time to time, I get a little silly and encourage UH’s otherwise serious academics and researchers to take a light-hearted approach and respond to our simple-minded inquiries with tongue firmly in cheek.