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The Big Idea explores and highlights many of the things we’re curious about when it comes to the business of university research, compliance, lab safety, technology transfer and, last but not least, … (drum roll) … faculty.

We hope this blog opens a dialogue on issues faced across our nation and becomes a platform for sharing best practices and experiences for everyone involved.

University Research Explained

Rule of thumb, loopholes and things that keep us up at night.

This section covers many of the developments, challenges and issues experienced in university research and innovation enterprises – funding issues, regulatory issues, faculty hires, administrative overburden, nothing spared.

What Went Wrong?

To err is human. To learn from it, is academic. 

This section highlights compliance and research misconduct cases and outcomes with the goal of sharing unique approaches to regulatory issues, and educating faculty and students about responsible research management.

The Big Bang

Not everything in the lab should go poof.

Because we’ve all heard the stories … this section explores practices (and malpractices) to promote a culture of safety in university laboratories. Beyond lab safety, this section champions responsible use of facilities and equipment while conducting research.

The Startup Experience

You’re go for launch. Roger.

This section takes a look at the various challenges and successes of startups in the valley of death, and the university’s role in the development of innovation ecosystems and commercialization.


Musings penned by some really smart people.

This section is full of thoughts and insights from some our leading minds – university faculty. It includes posts on burning issues, Q&A on some rather random themes, and contemplations on the role of technology in our lives.