Research & discoveries that serve our local community.

Research Reaching Houston

Reginald Adams, "Pulling Together". Photo courtesy of University of Houston.

Timely & Necessary

Research Areas

How does a university fuel a city as complex and diverse as Houston? By addressing problems head-on. UH researchers in the soon-to-be third largest city in the U.S. are making discoveries and fueling innovation.

Community Health Mosaic

Community Health

Health Care Needs & Accessibility

Health Equity Mosaic.

Health Equity

Disparities & Solutions

Local economy mosaic.

Local Economy

Business & Finance

Natural disaster mosaic.

Natural Disasters

Mitigating Hurricanes & Floods

Regional environment mosiac.

Regional Environment

Humans & the Natural Environment

Safey and security mosaic.

Safety & Security

First responders & Cybersecurity

Social Justice

Social Justice

Equality & Progress

Urban infrastructure mosaic.

Urban Infrastructure

Design & Resiliency

UH’s Research...

...has a way of finding its way into every aspect of residents’ lives. UH researchers hypothesize ways to make Houston sustainable, vibrant and unique.

Research. Service. Leadership.

Beyond the Laboratory

Houston is a microcosm of our world. UH researchers go into the city of Houston and our region to improve the quality of life for residents.

Impact of Research

Featured Stories

The heartbeat of Houston starts with UH’s multidisciplinary research ventures and circulates outward, partnering with the city and impacting residents by igniting meaningful change.

Landfill Site

Turning a Landfill into a Town Center

Shelter in Place Exhibit

Photographing and Healing the Community

Locking hands representing equity and justice

Promoting Transformative Community Design Projects in Houston

Image courtesy of Sarah Rafael Garcia – Reality Check 3rd Ward.

Fostering Agents of Change in Houston's Third Ward

Young girl reading.

Understanding Mental Health Stigma in the Jewish Community

UH Professor Shishir Shah.

Facilitating Safety in the City

UH Professor Kerri Crawford.

Championing Plant Diversity

UH Professor Hanadi Rafai and team on a boat analyzing samples.

Testing the Waters

UH Professor Bill Gilmer gives a talk at UH Bauer College of Business.

Forecasting COVID’s Economic Impact on Houston

An architectural redndering.

Creating Community

Seniors participate in group exercise in the UH TOUCH program

Serving Houston's Underserved

An unhappy young Hispanic boy.

Alleviating Anxiety Among Latino Students