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So what’s The Big Idea?

As communicators new to the world of research administration, we were curious about the many issues faced by university research operations and how to better communicate them to our campus community.

We had a lot of questions. Answers led to more questions. Then we discovered that many of the challenges and opportunities we have at the University of Houston are experienced by research offices across the country.

So we decided to write about it.

We launched The Big Idea in hopes of sparking a conversation about the business of research.
We hope you enjoy the blog posts and maybe learn a thing or two. We certainly did.
If you’re curious about certain topics or want to contribute, please join the conversation.

Meet Our Team

cartoon portrait of Sarah Hill

Sarah Hill
Hello! I’m Sarah, communications manager for the UH Division of Research. I’ll be contributing mostly compliance-related blog posts – especially in the “What Went Wrong” section. I’m honored to work alongside my colleagues in order to bring the most exciting topics in research and innovation to you. In my spare time, I love reading memoirs, writing poetry and listening to music!

Tim Holt
As digital media manager for the UH Division of Research, I’m here to make sure you enjoy your experience on the Big Idea blog. When you watch our video stories, I’ll be the one behind the camera.

Darnell thacker

Darnell Thacker
I’m Darnell, the full-stack development manager for the UH Division of Research. I enjoy leveraging technology to help the DOR leadership, researchers and staff achieve their goals.

Miguel Tovar
I’m Miguel and I’m very interested and involved in the activity of designing various kinds of items, including printing and web design. I would describe myself as a hardworking and sincere person. I’m enthusiastic about taking up new challenges in life I am fully capable to juggling many ideas and projects at the same time.

Our Contributors

Eric Gerber

Eric Gerber
As a former newspaper guy, I made a living out of asking serious questions.  As the University’s communications director, I have to come up with serious answers.  But, from time to time, I get a little silly and encourage UH’s otherwise serious academics and researchers to take a light-hearted approach and respond to our simple-minded inquiries with tongue firmly in cheek.

Past Contributors

Lindsay Lewis

Lindsay Lewis
Lindsay previously worked as the director of strategic research communications at UH. She was fortunate to lead the the amazing research communication group of talented individuals, who all had a prominent role in making The Big Idea come to life. Lindsay said, “It was truly a team effort!” Lindsay has written many stories for The Startup Experience and a few other blog sections as interesting story ideas popped up.

Rene Cantu

Rene Cantu†
Rene was the Communications Coordinator for the UH Division of Research. He felt blessed with the opportunity to work with a team of brilliant, industrious professionals in developing The Big Idea. He wrote for the Startup Experience section, highlighting Technology Bridge’s most innovative and groundbreaking startups. He also produced informative pieces for aspiring startup entrepreneurs and other compelling stories as they arose.

Ciandra Jackson

Ciandra Jackson
Ciandra previously worked as the communications manager for the UH Division of Research. As a member of UH’s Strategic Research Communications team, she supported communications for research centers and blogged for The Big Idea about best lab safety practices.

Jeannie Kever

Jeannie Kever
Jeannie worked with the Division of Research in her role as a senior media relations specialist for UH, taking our notable research news – breakthroughs, tech transfer and other buzzy topics that had relevance beyond UH’s urban campus – to the outside world. Jeannie popped in on The Big Idea from time to time to share what she learned about the ups and downs of moving a great idea into the marketplace.

Nitiya Spearman

Nitiya Spearman
Nitiya previously was the internal communications coordinator for the UH Division of Research. She often wrote about compliance-related issues and blogged on topics across the business of research.