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researcher decided between two pairs of shoes to wear in the lab

Walk This Way: Shoes To Wear In the Lab

“Closed-toe shoes are mandated by the CDC through the Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories (BMBL) publication and should be worn by people within the labs,” stated David Brammer, D.V.M.; DACLAM, executive director and chief veterinarian for Animal Care Operations at the University of Houston.

Researcher under UV light

Light Safety, Heavy Consequences

Don’t go into the light (without proper safety precautions!) We all remember the mom from the famous movie, Poltergeist, relentlessly instructing little Carol Anne to run towards the light in order to save herself from ghosts.  In that situation, the light saved Carol Anne’s life, but we all know Poltergeist is just a movie. In ...

steady-state inventory management

Just-in-Case-Mentality in Inventory Management

Minimalism in Inventory Management The concept of minimalism has recently exploded in popular culture. YouTube gurus and Marie Kondo, star of the Netflix original series “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo,” alike, have urged us all to adopt minimalist habits. There are some things you can learn from the concept when it comes to inventory management. ...

Cougar Mascot in Personal Protective Equipment

Are You Down With PPE?

Fashion does exist in a science lab. Although the attire may not be the latest trendy jacket or shoes, all the cool science kids wear PPE (personal protective equipment) while making discoveries and solving the world’s biggest mysteries. Furthermore, consistently wearing PPE is extremely important and a critical part of the scientific process. “Appropriate personal ...

photo of bad lab signage

What’s Your Sign? Creating Effective Lab Signage

When safety in the lab depends on instructions, thoughtful (and colorful) signage makes a huge difference in creating standard, impactful communication. I recruited David Brammer, executive director of Animal Care Operations and Chief Veterinarian at UH, to help me better understand the components of effective science lab signage and communication.  Not only is Dr. Brammer ...

lab safety protocols

Ditch One Size Fits All Safety Protocols

Safety protocols are only as good as the Principal Investigators who enforce them and the students who adopt them. Operating a lab is no easy feat. It takes patience, consistency and teamwork. In an attempt to learn more about how PIs create a culture of safety, I reached to a few across our university campus ...