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open index library with researcher

New Open Index of Scholarly Articles Helps Researchers Connect

We have all needed scholarly articles to cite in our academic careers. Now, there is a place where researchers can get millions of them, all on one site.   Named after the Library of Alexandria, OpenAlex is an index of over 200 million scientific documents including publication sources, author information and research topics that can be ...

politics in the workplace

Policing Politics in the Workplace

Politics in the workplace Politics has always managed to find its way into the workplace. Casually popping up in conversation here and there. Usually reserved for the water cooler. It always managed to seep through the cracks like a gentle breeze. But, what was once just a breeze, has now become a tsunami. Politics in ...

teamwork in healthcare

Teamwork in Healthcare: Conquering a Crisis

Teamwork in healthcare Oftentimes, a crisis can fuel people’s willingness to work together. Crises create a sense of urgency. They push us to put aside petty differences and work toward a greater good. In the age of coronavirus, that greater good is perseverance. A return to normalcy. Movie theaters. Concerts. Football. Handshakes and hugs. Humanity.  ...

Rene Cantu

one researcher showing another how to boost employee morale

How to Boost Employee Morale During a Crisis

Look around you. We have a pandemic pumping paranoia into the public. We have the longest unemployment lines we’ve seen in 90 years. Tensions with China teetering on the brink of collapse. Sports are cancelled. Concerts are a memory. Parties are forbidden. We live in a time of suffocating anxiety. A time of uncertainty. It ...

Rene Cantu

researcher needing productivity tools to tackle working remotely

Top 5 Productivity Tools for Working Remotely

Working remotely While most of the country is still in quarantine mode, some states have started to open up. Even still, businesses have learned a lot about their operations during their shutdown. Some companies are opting to continue operations virtually; having employees working remotely. Many companies have come to the realization that remote work offers ...

researcher placing a virtual call

More Tips For Enhancing Your Virtual Call

Virtual call of duty When we last covered ways to make the most of your virtual call, there were some tidbits that we didn’t go over. Here, we’ll cover these tips to give you a more comprehensive understanding of just how you can maximize your virtual experience in the age of quarantine.  Is your webcam ...

Rene Cantu

two researcher in virtual meetings

Making the Most of Your Virtual Meetings

The rise of virtual meetings Even in the pre-pandemic world, more employees were working remotely in America than ever before. Participating in virtual meetings is the norm, at least for now. The shift came rather abruptly. Millions of Americans had only a few days to make the transition. People are now working on laptops where ...

Tim Holt

convergence research

Converging on the Answer: A Q&A with Beckham Dossett

Society is faced with a plethora of grand challenges. Energy crises, environmental pollution, and health disparities, for starters. Scientists and social scientists must work together to navigate these vast, rough waters. Their unique disciplines must intermingle. Their research must converge. What is Convergence Research? In 2016, the National Science Foundation (NSF) introduced convergence research as ...