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diversity in startups

Diversity in Startups: Texas Startups Lead the Way

Diversity in startups Over 50 business owners in Austin have signed a diversity initiative called The Startup and Inclusion Pledge. Firstly, the pledge calls for all signees to make a commitment to diversity in startups. For example, diverse hiring standards. Secondly, to commit to unconscious bias training and a diverse workforce. The pledge also calls ...

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researcher leveraging seo changes from pandemic

SEO Changes During the Pandemic

SEO Changes If you’re stranded on an island, it’s probably not smart to go into hiding and just hope someone finds you. You’re better off dedicating your time to making a fire, spelling HELP with logs, or sharpening your hunting skills. During this pandemic, it would best serve your company’s future to dedicate your time ...

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startup ceo wrapped in dollar bill, searching for ppp loans

PPP Loans for Startups: Experts Weigh In

PPP loans for startups Unless you’ve been vacationing on Mars for the past six months, you know that a $2 trillion Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) was recently approved by Congress. Business owners are sifting through the fine print to see if they qualify for PPP loans for startups. The stimulus ...

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biotech startups researcher squashing coronavirus

Biotech Startups Are Withstanding the Pandemic

Biotech startups stand tall At a time when the business world is reeling, biotech companies are still hanging on. Many biotech startups have successfully pivoted their entire platforms to focus on coronavirus-related work. Of course, these companies aren’t without their struggles. Clinical trials have come to a pause, finding investors has become more difficult and ...

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a research fniding funding with a metal detector

Finding Funding in the Age of Coronavirus

Finding funding tougher than ever Almost eight months in to the pandemic and many startups are still fighting to survive. Finding funding has become harder in an era the New York Times calls “The Great Unwinding.” But not every startup is succumbing to a bleak fate. Some have shown unique strategies for attaining funding. Here, ...

startups struggling

Startups Struggling to Pick Up the Pieces

Startups struggling during pandemic There are startups struggling to keep their heads above the deluge of a pandemic-induced depression. Between 2016 and 2018, the global startup economy generated over $3 trillion. A far cry from today’s economic value. Today, startups struggle to keep operations running during the pandemic. Web companies throughout Europe have lost close ...

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Fighting COVID-19

How Startups Are Fighting COVID-19 Together

Fighting COVID-19 Fighting COVID-19 has become priority number one for everyone, everywhere. As the pandemic continues to wreak havoc on the nation’s economy, startup companies are now feeling those effects. Startup layoffs and furloughs have begun to take place en masse. Startups have reached a point where they are worried about demand for their services ...

cartoon of researcher in cowboy hat at saloon

Giddyup: Houston Gets Moving as a Startup Hotbed

Startup Hotbed Houston Cowboys use the term ‘giddyup’ to get moving. It’s a way to push horses to get going. And that’s exactly what Houston is doing when it comes to establishing itself as a startup hotbed. They’re a-movin’. Houston’s push to become one of America’s top startup destinations and an all-around startup hotbed is ...

startup budgeting

Budgeting Your Business: Intro to Startup Budgeting

Startup budgeting for beginners According to Jean Murray, a business professor at Palmer College where she taught business startup and finance, the most important thing an entrepreneur must meet head on is budgeting. Startup budgeting is important because it allows you to make an educated guess as to what your expected income and expenses will ...

best city for your startup

Choosing the Best City for Your Startup

The best city isn’t always your city Choosing the best city for your startup can mean the difference between success and closing up shop prematurely. It’s important to think outside your home city for a startup launch because your home city may not have the ecosystem set up for your particular startup. If you give ...

Lean Startup taking the path of least risk

Lean On This: How Lean Startups Reduce Risk

Intro to the lean method There are few things riskier than launching a new business. You could run through a mine field and have a better chance at living than launching a successful, long-lasting business. In fact, the Harvard Business School even reported that three out of every four startups fail. Fortunately, a new process ...

startup founder personality traits

Every Startup Founder Has These 3 Personality Traits

Personality traits in leaders It’s no secret that every successful business leader has multiple personality traits. It seems everyone has a fantasy about starting a business. “I’d open up a record store.” “I’d sell my famous meatball sandwiches my family loves so much.” “I would totally own a comic book shop.” In fact, according to ...

startup design

How Startup Design Improves Productivity

Startup design matters If you want a work environment conducive to a nice flow of ideas, creativity, freethinking, and finding a work groove, then your startup design and workspace matter. When it comes to a startup’s office design, you want to create spaces with a purpose. You need to be certain what you want with ...

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remote work

Why Remote Work is a Startup’s Dream

Remote work by the numbers According to the State of Remote Work 2017 report, over 60% of engineers working in product development work remotely about once a week. That’s 20% more than average. The report also sheds light on why startup settings are particularly ideal for working remotely.  The report found that small businesses are ...

Venture Capitalist denies funding to researcher in startup

3 Biggest Reasons a Venture Capitalist Says No

One of the most common questions that pops up in startup circles is, “Why did they turn me down?” There are myriad reasons why a venture capitalist might turn down pitches and decline funding. Here, I’ll present the three most common. Understanding your business. Einstein once said, “If you cannot explain it to a six-year ...

Silicon Valley exodus to university incubators

Siliconned: Leaving Silicon Valley for Universities

Silicon Valley has been a tech startup paradise for decades. It has been described as the modern day Florence in the Renaissance. Tech gods from Apple and Google to Facebook and Twitter were born here. We can credit Silicon Valley as the birthplace for such world-changing innovations like smartphones, microprocessor chips, Tesla automation, and WIFI-enabled ...

bridge funding saves startup in valley of death

7 Ways to Escape the Valley of Death

To walk through the valley of death means that death and misery are low points (valleys) in the human experience through which we all must inevitably walk and experience. Although not as morbid, in the world of startup businesses, the valley of death is still grim. It is a low point in your startup’s life ...

Accelerating technology

Accelerate Your Tech to the Market

A startup accelerator provides promising companies with an opportunity to boost their chances of marketing their technologies. These programs help small companies pivot their technologies strategically, interface with industry sectors and engage with mentor network to better pitch their ideas to the market. Unfortunately, most startups will never have the chance to participate in an ...