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Lindsay Lewis

About Lindsay Lewis

Greetings from Texas! I’m Lindsay, the director of strategic research communications at UH. I’m fortunate to lead this amazing group of talented individuals, who all had a prominent role in making The Big Idea come to life. It was truly a team effort! I’ll write for The Startup Experience and a few other blog sections as interesting story ideas pop up.

A Conflict of Conflicts

Meet Professor Doolittle, a biologist and chair of Genetics at Zoo U. After studying genetic mutations in small-ear pigs to better understand coat color variation for breed preservation and development, Doolittle and his post-doc invented a genetic test and launched a startup called PigMentation. The post-doctoral co-inventor runs PigMentation's day-to-day business … [Read more...] about A Conflict of Conflicts

How to Build a Research Consortium

Most principal investigators spend many hours laboring over proposals to fund their research programs – and for good reason. While competing for funding is the big business for researchers, some have opted to fund their programs in other ways, like building a research consortium. The word “consortium” means a group of individuals, companies or governments that work together … [Read more...] about How to Build a Research Consortium

Using Inclusive Language at Your University

Being mindful of inclusive language practices is more important than ever. Education is growing rapidly on this important topic to help writers – in fact, anyone writing words – avoid potentially harmful language. Universities are growing pockets of diversity, often representing faculty, staff and students from different backgrounds who have varying life experiences. … [Read more...] about Using Inclusive Language at Your University

Balancing Your Research Checkbook

Balancing your research checkbook is like managing your personal finances. However, it's much less common these days to do so with a paper bank statement and check register, as many people now use digital resources to follow their money. Regardless of how you do it, managing your income and expenses is important if you want to keep your finances healthy. Reconciling research … [Read more...] about Balancing Your Research Checkbook

Why Material Transfers Need a Contract

Material transfers are nothing new to university research operations. But there continues to be reluctance among faculty to get the right paperwork in place for it. Why?“Material transfers take time and faculty just want to move on with their research,” said Laura Gutierrez, research compliance specialist at the University of Houston. “Negotiations between institutions over … [Read more...] about Why Material Transfers Need a Contract

4 Misconceptions of University Tech Transfer Offices

Beyond their education and research missions, universities across the nation have turned research discoveries into big business. In addition to protecting intellectual property from faculty discoveries, universities build and support startup pipelines to help researchers commercialize those technologies.  However, there are a few misconceptions when it comes to university … [Read more...] about 4 Misconceptions of University Tech Transfer Offices

3 Ways to Prevent University Research Misconduct

There are so many instances of university research misconduct that the spotlight is shining brighter on institutions now than ever. Not the good kind of spotlight, either. Findings involving university research can be either good or bad. We celebrate, publish and acknowledge scientific contributions at universities. After all, research is part of our mission. Conversely, there … [Read more...] about 3 Ways to Prevent University Research Misconduct

Accelerate Your Tech to the Market

A startup accelerator provides promising companies with an opportunity to boost their chances of marketing their technologies. These programs help small companies pivot their technologies strategically, interface with industry sectors and engage with mentor network to better pitch their ideas to the market. Unfortunately, most startups will never have the chance to participate … [Read more...] about Accelerate Your Tech to the Market