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Sarah Hill

Fighting COVID-19

The “Covidization” of Science

It has been – and for a while, will be – everywhere. The words: COVID-19, coronavirus and pandemic. According to an article by Holly Else in Nature, “coined in April by Madhukar Pai, a tuberculosis researcher at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, ‘covidization’ describes the distorting impact of the pandemic on the way science is ...

The Science Conundrum

Exploring the Confusion Among the Masses “If you have diabetes, some research suggests that eating seven eggs a week increases heart disease risk. However, other research failed to find the same connection. Still other research suggests that eating eggs may increase the risk of developing diabetes in the first place. More research is needed to ...

Rene Cantu

a research fniding funding with a metal detector

Finding Funding in the Age of Coronavirus

Finding funding tougher than ever Almost eight months in to the pandemic and many startups are still fighting to survive. Finding funding has become harder in an era the New York Times calls “The Great Unwinding.” But not every startup is succumbing to a bleak fate. Some have shown unique strategies for attaining funding. Here, ...

Sarah Hill

internal awards, faculty holding an award

Internal Awards for COVID and Racial Justice Research

These months have been difficult. Every person has tired of the quarantine. Tired of the anxiety, the endless memes on social media, the debates. At the same time, we’re facing issues of race relations. These issues are taxing. But higher education is strong. Universities are using its font of resources to understand these important issues ...

Rene Cantu

researcher with a checklist for reopening during covid

Back in Business: Reopening During COVID

Reopening during COVID As startups venture into uncharted waters, founders might tremble at the thought of unpredictability. The future for startups was clearer six months ago. Now, in post-COVID America, small businesses are left out in the cold. Confused and alone. What safety protocols do we need to implement? What’s a smart way to re-open ...

Rene Cantu

repurposing operations during the COVID-19 Crisis

Repurposing Operations to Combat COVID

Repurposing operations Companies nationwide are repurposing operations to help America overcome the pandemic. Let’s take a look at why repurposing is important and how it helps an entire country. Sometimes in sports, a new player will join the team. Sometimes that player is so good, we consider them a superstar. Someone that can do almost ...

COVID-19 Researcher wearing PPE

COVID-19 PPE Usage According to the CDC

COVID-19 PPE usage Although PPE usage is second nature to PIs, it’s worth reiterating some important points. Especially now that we’ve found ourselves in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Here, we’ll take a look at some common PPE questions. We will refer to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) as our source for answering ...

research reading "Idiot's Guide to Wearing Face Masks Correctly"

Proper Face Mask Usage

Face mask usage Last week, Houston Judge Lina Hidalgo announced an order that would mandate Houstonians wear face masks for the next 30 days or else face a fine of up to $1,000. While this order drew its share of criticism, it sparked interest in the effectiveness of masks and face mask usage in general. ...

Rene Cantu

Fighting COVID-19

How Startups Are Fighting COVID-19 Together

Fighting COVID-19 Fighting COVID-19 has become priority number one for everyone, everywhere. As the pandemic continues to wreak havoc on the nation’s economy, startup companies are now feeling those effects. Startup layoffs and furloughs have begun to take place en masse. Startups have reached a point where they are worried about demand for their services ...