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Sarah Hill

researcher in the dark, dark data

Dark Data

Is it necessary to share ALL your data? Is transparency a good thing or does it make researchers “vulnerable,” like author Nathan Schneider writes in the Chronicle of Higher Education article, “Why Researchers Shouldn’t Share All Their Data.”

open index library with researcher

New Open Index of Scholarly Articles Helps Researchers Connect

We have all needed scholarly articles to cite in our academic careers. Now, there is a place where researchers can get millions of them, all on one site.   Named after the Library of Alexandria, OpenAlex is an index of over 200 million scientific documents including publication sources, author information and research topics that can be ...

Sarah Hill

metoo protestor in lab coat

Eric Lander Resigns from OSTP

Fresh on the heels of an Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) integrity overhaul, its leader, Eric Lander resigned in early February. This doesn’t look particularly good for the OSTP, an office trying to quell fraud and increase scientific accountability in society. For instance, the White House OSTP stated: “Violations of scientific integrity should be ...

Sarah Hill

Biden Administration Science Pulse Check

Biden Administration: Following the Science?

Time for a quick pulse-check on the Biden presidency. You may recall his Tweet: “Science will always be at the forefront of my administration,” (@JoeBiden). So, we ask again at the The Big Idea: how has the Biden administration gone about implementing a return to science through appointments, funding and policy? Uphill Battle According to the ...

Changing The Model of Research

The proposed 2022 White House Budget — is more money the only answer? By Claudia Neuhauser, Ph. D. Associate Vice President for Research and Technology Transfer, Professor of Mathematics, University of Houston Brian Herman, Ph. D. Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering and former Vice President for Research, University of Minnesota and University of Texas Health, ...

Sarah Hill

Fighting COVID-19

The “Covidization” of Science

It has been – and for a while, will be – everywhere. The words: COVID-19, coronavirus and pandemic. According to an article by Holly Else in Nature, “coined in April by Madhukar Pai, a tuberculosis researcher at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, ‘covidization’ describes the distorting impact of the pandemic on the way science is ...

Ready, Set, Primetime!

Making Research More Credible for Public Consumption “In the 17th century, many scientists kept new findings secret so that others could not claim the results as their own. Prominent figures of the time, including Isaac Newton, often avoided announcing their discoveries for fear that someone else would claim priority,” stated the authors of On Being ...

Social Distortion

How Social Media Sows Confusion “Social media platforms were designed for engagement and therefore revenue. Unfortunately, the most engaging content is usually controversial and polarizing. This means that a platform’s algorithms often end up contributing to the problem,” said Ali Tehrani, writing for the Forbes Technology Council. Social media gives universities and researchers alike a platform ...

The 24-Hour News Cycle

Why the Constant Barrage of Headlines Adds to the Hysteria “In the old days, on the first day we would report what happened. On the second day, we would tell what the reaction was. On the third day, we would analyze what it means. Now CNN tells you what happened and five minutes later some ...

The Science Conundrum

Exploring the Confusion Among the Masses “If you have diabetes, some research suggests that eating seven eggs a week increases heart disease risk. However, other research failed to find the same connection. Still other research suggests that eating eggs may increase the risk of developing diabetes in the first place. More research is needed to ...

science integrity inspectors

The Perils of Open Science

By Claudia Neuhauser, Ph.D., Associate Vice President of Research and Technology Transfer, Professor of Mathematics, University of Houston Brian Herman, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering and former Vice President for Research, University of Minnesota and University of Texas Health, San Antonio We read several newspapers every morning. Like many other people, we get notifications ...

Rene Cantu

researcher leveraging seo changes from pandemic

SEO Changes During the Pandemic

SEO Changes If you’re stranded on an island, it’s probably not smart to go into hiding and just hope someone finds you. You’re better off dedicating your time to making a fire, spelling HELP with logs, or sharpening your hunting skills. During this pandemic, it would best serve your company’s future to dedicate your time ...

Rene Cantu

startup ceo wrapped in dollar bill, searching for ppp loans

PPP Loans for Startups: Experts Weigh In

PPP loans for startups Unless you’ve been vacationing on Mars for the past six months, you know that a $2 trillion Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) was recently approved by Congress. Business owners are sifting through the fine print to see if they qualify for PPP loans for startups. The stimulus ...

Rene Cantu

biotech startups researcher squashing coronavirus

Biotech Startups Are Withstanding the Pandemic

Biotech startups stand tall At a time when the business world is reeling, biotech companies are still hanging on. Many biotech startups have successfully pivoted their entire platforms to focus on coronavirus-related work. Of course, these companies aren’t without their struggles. Clinical trials have come to a pause, finding investors has become more difficult and ...

Rene Cantu

one researcher showing another how to boost employee morale

How to Boost Employee Morale During a Crisis

Look around you. We have a pandemic pumping paranoia into the public. We have the longest unemployment lines we’ve seen in 90 years. Tensions with China teetering on the brink of collapse. Sports are cancelled. Concerts are a memory. Parties are forbidden. We live in a time of suffocating anxiety. A time of uncertainty. It ...

Rene Cantu

a research fniding funding with a metal detector

Finding Funding in the Age of Coronavirus

Finding funding tougher than ever Almost eight months in to the pandemic and many startups are still fighting to survive. Finding funding has become harder in an era the New York Times calls “The Great Unwinding.” But not every startup is succumbing to a bleak fate. Some have shown unique strategies for attaining funding. Here, ...

Sarah Hill

internal awards, faculty holding an award

Internal Awards for COVID and Racial Justice Research

These months have been difficult. Every person has tired of the quarantine. Tired of the anxiety, the endless memes on social media, the debates. At the same time, we’re facing issues of race relations. These issues are taxing. But higher education is strong. Universities are using its font of resources to understand these important issues ...

a machine learning to play checkers with a researcher

Opening Moves: Expanding Research in Machine Learning

One might not expect the game of checkers to have anything to do with Artificial Intelligence, but the game really marked the beginning of machine learning in 1959. Pioneered by an MIT professor named Arthur Lee Samuel, it was discovered that teaching a simple strategy game to a computer is not so simple when every ...

Rene Cantu

researcher needing productivity tools to tackle working remotely

Top 5 Productivity Tools for Working Remotely

Working remotely While most of the country is still in quarantine mode, some states have started to open up. Even still, businesses have learned a lot about their operations during their shutdown. Some companies are opting to continue operations virtually; having employees working remotely. Many companies have come to the realization that remote work offers ...

Rene Cantu

researcher with a checklist for reopening during covid

Back in Business: Reopening During COVID

Reopening during COVID As startups venture into uncharted waters, founders might tremble at the thought of unpredictability. The future for startups was clearer six months ago. Now, in post-COVID America, small businesses are left out in the cold. Confused and alone. What safety protocols do we need to implement? What’s a smart way to re-open ...

Rene Cantu

repurposing operations during the COVID-19 Crisis

Repurposing Operations to Combat COVID

Repurposing operations Companies nationwide are repurposing operations to help America overcome the pandemic. Let’s take a look at why repurposing is important and how it helps an entire country. Sometimes in sports, a new player will join the team. Sometimes that player is so good, we consider them a superstar. Someone that can do almost ...

researcher placing a virtual call

More Tips For Enhancing Your Virtual Call

Virtual call of duty When we last covered ways to make the most of your virtual call, there were some tidbits that we didn’t go over. Here, we’ll cover these tips to give you a more comprehensive understanding of just how you can maximize your virtual experience in the age of quarantine.  Is your webcam ...

COVID-19 Researcher wearing PPE

COVID-19 PPE Usage According to the CDC

COVID-19 PPE usage Although PPE usage is second nature to PIs, it’s worth reiterating some important points. Especially now that we’ve found ourselves in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Here, we’ll take a look at some common PPE questions. We will refer to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) as our source for answering ...

research reading "Idiot's Guide to Wearing Face Masks Correctly"

Proper Face Mask Usage

Face mask usage Last week, Houston Judge Lina Hidalgo announced an order that would mandate Houstonians wear face masks for the next 30 days or else face a fine of up to $1,000. While this order drew its share of criticism, it sparked interest in the effectiveness of masks and face mask usage in general. ...

Rene Cantu

two researcher in virtual meetings

Making the Most of Your Virtual Meetings

The rise of virtual meetings Even in the pre-pandemic world, more employees were working remotely in America than ever before. Participating in virtual meetings is the norm, at least for now. The shift came rather abruptly. Millions of Americans had only a few days to make the transition. People are now working on laptops where ...

Rene Cantu

Fighting COVID-19

How Startups Are Fighting COVID-19 Together

Fighting COVID-19 Fighting COVID-19 has become priority number one for everyone, everywhere. As the pandemic continues to wreak havoc on the nation’s economy, startup companies are now feeling those effects. Startup layoffs and furloughs have begun to take place en masse. Startups have reached a point where they are worried about demand for their services ...

Sarah Hill

reproducibility machine: cartoon of scientists on conveyor belt

Reproducibility, Rigor and Rigmarole

Imagine a hypothetical “Dear Abby” letter to the science community: “I am the principal investigator and corresponding author on a paper detailing research findings in our lab. A leading investigator at another university contacted me and states that she cannot duplicate our results.  I re-ran the samples analyzed by my post-doc and I couldn’t either. ...

Rene Cantu

remote work

Why Remote Work is a Startup’s Dream

Remote work by the numbers According to the State of Remote Work 2017 report, over 60% of engineers working in product development work remotely about once a week. That’s 20% more than average. The report also sheds light on why startup settings are particularly ideal for working remotely.  The report found that small businesses are ...

Silicon Valley exodus to university incubators

Siliconned: Leaving Silicon Valley for Universities

Silicon Valley has been a tech startup paradise for decades. It has been described as the modern day Florence in the Renaissance. Tech gods from Apple and Google to Facebook and Twitter were born here. We can credit Silicon Valley as the birthplace for such world-changing innovations like smartphones, microprocessor chips, Tesla automation, and WIFI-enabled ...